The World is rapidly changing and the old way of leadership is no longer working.

We need a NEW KIND of Leader.

… One who allows him/herself to cultivate HARMONIC CHANGE  so they align with a grander picture of humanity.

… One who is not confined by the past but who has the ability to utilise his/her learnings in the CREATION of something NEW.

Do you want to ACTUALISE the true LEADERship POTENTIAL you have?

Do you want to be part of HARMONIC, IMPACTFUL CHANGE?

Are you ready to UPSKILL yourself to BE OF SERVICE?

All issues on the globe can be solved at a community level within a global context.

To navigate and contribute with clarity and confidence, we must teach ourselves how to see OBJECTIVELY, so we can break through confusion, distraction and chaos.

OBJECTIVITY and HARMONY comes when we are in ALIGNMENT – physically, emotionally, spiritually

We know that may sound a little wishy-washy! But it just means you bring your physical being – your individual human body – into a state so you can feel and express your emotions, and connect with something larger than you (Your Spirit).

But many of the old leadership models haven’t encouraged us to be in ALIGNMENT. They have relied upon us making external influences (like the values of an organisation) more important than ourselves.

‘A NEW WAY TO LEAD’ is designed to help guide you within and provide you with a new and INNOVATIVE FRAMEWORK, so you can FEEL CONFIDENT TO CREATE HARMONIC CHANGE in your chosen field and in your life.   

About Your Facilitator

Since leaving the Australian army, after 17 years of service as an Armoured Corps officer, James Greenshields has devoted his life to assisting others reach their highest potential, and his mentoring and training programs are transformational, to say the least.

James has a huge heart and a vision to match, and one of his favourite sayings is “we haven’t hit the causal issue yet …” His experience with Post Traumatic Stress, after serving in Iraq, set him on a path to learn all he could about healing the ‘causal issues’. The success of his healing journey is evident, and he describes himself as a man who lives with post-traumatic growth!

James’ ability to ask the hard questions, his extensive leadership experience in challenging environments, and his affable manner mean people of all ages walk away from his trainings with way more than they expected.

HARMONIC LEADERSHIP is a philosophy James has gained as a result of over 30 years in leadership, where he has been tested both on the battlefield, in the board room and working with young people.

I have the privilege of knowing many bright people, with lots of formal education, but I know few who are as well read, and self-educated as you. It is quite astonishing. I have left my time with you feeling energised, excited, optimistic, inspired and understood. I have so much respect for what I understand you achieved in the armed forces, and for how you have faced adversity and how you have grown from it.  Your work ethic is immense, the skills and wisdom you have to teach are limitless, your commitment to your family is admirable, and the conscious way you create your life, take responsibility and own your shit is inspiring.

Ben Buttfield, Chiropractor

James is a powerful and dynamic leader, facilitator and guide. His programs effortlessly combine cutting edge contemporary and traditional material with the intuition and wisdom of a masterful practitioner who has lived it all himself. When James speaks, you will feel that it is real.  I can’t place a value on what I have received from working with James, but if I had to I would put it at many hundreds of times the cost of what I paid

Denis O'Hare, Self Employed

I’ve never had a better connection with my boys.  I’m now doing it for real (leadership development workshops)!  My experience with you was a massive turning point, and I was perturbed for weeks, or months afterwards.  I’m only NOW realising the truths we uncovered, and what they mean to me.  I know its not all going to be easy going, and I know that the path will take me places that I don’t think I want to be.  But its my path and you helped me lay the foundation stones.

Tim Keeffe, Actrua

A fantastic combination of passion, humility,  and a little humor are the cornerstones of James’ matter of fact presentation style, that draws the audience in to share James’s journey.

I have no hesitation in recommending James for any group or business looking to drive change at a high level or simply to gain the best from its individuals.

David Gaffy, InfoMotion

The true test for a guest speaker is to engage the audience and create robust conversation within the group about the topic. A good speaker can fully engage the audience for the period of the workshop, a great speaker can stimulate discussion into the next day….. James is an outstanding speaker who has seeded an enduring pillar of discussion within a group that is exposed to trauma regularly. James’s workshop rated as the most valuable session by the participants at the Regional Seminar. Thank you.

Phil Strapp, St John's Ambulance

This program is NOT about LEADERship models or theory.

It takes knowledge learned under the fire of combat, and couples it with a deep level understanding of the human psyche, relationship and emotional elements.

The practical and logical information provided in this course  has been  shared and implemented throughout small to medium sized businesses, construction sites, board rooms, schools, families and community organisations.

And all are better for this implementation.

The journey you embark upon has been designed to test you, to challenge your very beliefs (which got you to where you are now), to show you different tools, all with the purpose of allowing you to forge your own identity as a LEADER of Conscious Harmonic Change.

A New Way To LEAD is conducted in three sections or modules.


Takes you on a deep exploration of self so you can

– enhance that which requires enhancement,

– shape that still which is to be born, and

– create that which you haven’t yet imagined.


Knowing Self helps us better understand and relate to others.

This module explores how people and teams interact, play and create.

Designed to help you best vector group energy in a harmonic direction – the key to the next level of your LEADERship abilities.


Design the harmonic impact you want to have on your organisation, life and the world.

Everything must start somewhere and the key to knowing where and how to ignite this within and without is critical to allowing you to make a ‘dent in the universe’.

It must be stated from the outset that Harmonic LEADERship is NOT airy fairy and all lovey dovey.

It requires a LEADER to have deep courage and deep insight that allows them to cut directly to the core of issues, use compassionate empathy which at times is called ‘tough love’, to have the hard conversations which call a spade a spade.

These are all key components to the course, which is designed to enable you to rise to this skill level.

And all are better for this implementation.

The journey you embark upon has been designed to test you, to challenge your very beliefs (which got you to where you are now), to show you different tools, all with the purpose of allowing you to forge your own identity as a LEADER of Conscious Harmonic Change.

This course will call you to ACTION.

YOU are the person who must INTEGRATE and ENACT the knowledge, skills and exercises we present, in order to receive the benefits.

We will stand by you 100%, but YOU will walk this path.

We are on our own path, which allows us to share from an experiential perspective.

So if you know you’re ready, lets talk course specifics.

A New Way To LEAD is packed full of information and practical exercises for you to integrate what you learn for maximum effect. Here’s a snippet of what we will cover:

  • Personality Profiling

  • Principles and Values and their relationship to you as a harmonic leader

  • Inspirational Communication

  • Having the hard conversations

  • Thinking strategically – visioning, setting harmonious direction

  • The Art of Effective Decision Making

  • Emotional Literacy

  • Me as a Harmonic Leader

  • Harmonic Success – defining and creating it for you and your organisation

  • Breeding a harmonious team

  • Harmonic Cultures: how to build and maintain

  • What makes people tick

  • Transcending the Crisis

  • Cultivating Trust

  • The Craft of Delegation

  • Time Maximisation


Basic Structure:

8 Tuition Webinars

16 Harmonic Leadership Lessons

Personality Profile Testing and Instruction

Interviews with Harmonic Leaders of Change