Guiding individuals to find a path to live a consciously harmonic life

We believe that all problems on the globe can be solved at a community level with a global context.

Through our heart-centred approach and commitment to a harmonic future, we help individuals and families to reconnect and strengthen their foundation to build sustainable, harmonic, thriving communities, everywhere.

The Emergent Leaders Foundation exists to create consciously evolving communities.

our vision

Individuals everywhere contribute to thriving communities, together.

The Emergent Leaders Foundation provides the skills, resources and structures for individuals, families and communities to let go of old frameworks and find a path to live a consciously harmonic life.

Instead of feeling powerless, trapped in a victim state, causing damage to individuals, families, communities and nature…
Our personal and spiritual development programs are developed to empower humans to live a richer life.

Kirsty and James Greenshields

Founders and Lead Facilitators

Since 2010, Kirsty and James have worked with a broad range of people and organisations including government departments, construction firms, St John’s Ambulance, Queensland Rugby League and the Men of League, a variety of schools both primary and secondary and been asked to present at many seminars, forum and conferences around the country and globally. Their programs have helped 100’s of men. women. children, families, schools and organisations to consciously and capably create the harmonic shift in their daily lives.

After a near-death incident changed the trajectory of their marriage in 2007, Kirsty and James began a journey of healing TOGETHER. Their own journey became the inspiration to help others create stronger relationships, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Their experience showed them that their relationship had survived because of an early foundation of mutual trust and respect. Over the years though, with careers, depression, marriage and a child, they had forgotten the basics. On ‘that’ day in 2007, they received a second chance. The chance was to create a new life – one where they weren’t just ‘surviving’, but their whole family was thriving.

And so, the idea of Emergent Leaders Foundation – an organisation to provide young people with the skills, resources and structures to build, lead and collaborate for a thriving humanity – was born.

The two documentaries below, ‘The Ripple Effect of PTSD’ by Kym Melzer, and ‘Inside the Mind of Man’ by Emily Verdouw, provide an insight into the world of trauma and post-traumatic growth.


Kirsty and James began Emergent Leaders Foundation to contribute to a movement of likeminded, conscious people who are actively making a difference in the world.

Kirsty Greenshields

Kirsty has been helping women redefine success for around a decade, after redefining her own life upon exit from a ‘successful’ career as an army intelligence officer. As a high-achieving woman, depression and anxiety were suffered in silence, and Kirsty learned the hard way that you can’t do it alone.

A naturally positive person, she redesigned her life, and since she left the army in 2002, Kirsty has assisted 100’s of people to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her experience with her own treatment during the dark period in her late 20’s helped her realise her passion of natural medicine and the power of the human body to heal. As she embarked upon her new career as a naturopath she quickly discovered others appreciated her insights and support during their healing processes too.

As the Lead Facilitator for Women’s Wellbeing at Emergent Leaders Foundation, Kirsty is a great example of the power of finding our own authentic voice to inspire and lead others. She loves helping others find the thing inside that wakes them up to live a more powerful life – not a fairytale life – but a life where challenges help them grow stronger, so they can create greater meaning for themselves, and for the world around them.

In 2016, Kirsty volunteered as a naturopath for Australia’s first indigenous health retreat on Elcho Island in northern Australia, with the Hope for Health Project. The experience of the retreat is included as one of five cases documented in ‘The Magic Pill’ documentary. Outstanding health results were achieved in a short time period.

James Greenshields

James is a man with a huge heart and a vision to match, and one of his favourite sayings is “we haven’t hit the causal issue yet …” His experience with Post Traumatic Stress, after serving in Iraq, set him on a path to learn all he could about healing the ‘causal issues’. The success of his healing journey is evident, and he describes himself as a man who lives with post-traumatic growth!

As the Lead Facilitator for Men’s Wellbeing at Emergent Leaders Foundation, James is intensely passionate about assisting others reach their highest potential, and his mentoring and teaching programs are transformational, to say the least.

James’ ability to ask the hard questions, his extensive leadership experience in challenging environments, and his affable manner mean organisations love his workshops.

James is an inspiring and engaging public speaker, with a reputation to move an audience to tears within the first few minutes of a presentation. He will always encourage listeners to lead from the heart by oozing this quality himself

In 2014 James, was the first white man to ever stand on the entrance to the ancient burial caves in the forbidden forest, the home of the Indonesian Dayak. He was invited to participate in a ‘Journey Back’ to the homeland of these people. The experience changed his life forever.

Dave Gaffy
Dave Gaffy

Our Sounding Board

Dave has been involved since the foundation’s inception, and also with early concepts for the work. Dave is a ‘voice of reason’ and guides decision making to assist clarity. In his ‘day job’ Dave is the sales manager for Informotion. His most favourite thing is spending time with his family on the farm in central Victoria.

Tony Sambell
Tony Sambell

Founder of Third Spaces

Tony has been involved with the foundation since its inception. For him it encompasses all he is passionate about – people, community and belonging. As a former director of the foundation, his opinion and advice is always valued in decision making. He is also the founder and director of Third Spaces – “Transforming people’s daily grind into daily life balance one inspiring space at a time”. Tony is a brilliant facilitator of change and a highly valued member of our team.

The Fea Family

The Fea family began its relationship with Emergent Leaders Foundation when Josh, their eldest son, completed the Young Warrior Leadership camp. Upon return home he suggested that his dad attend an Awakening The Warrior Within camp with James and, since then, all members of the family have ‘done the work’, and the family has gone from strength to strength.

Mathew and Nicola’s 300 acre bio-dynamic property is the home of Young Warrior Leadership Project on the Sunshine Coast, and both Mathew and Nicola are facilitators of the foundation.

Annabel Meyer
Annabel Meyer

Annabel is a multi-skilled and compassionate energy practitioner. Over the last 15 years she has devoted her life to helping others heal from trauma and lighten their load. She is a huge giver, and is passionate about guiding, holding space for, and empowering people to become more connected with their true light and essence.

She is  at home in a teaching role with people of all ages.

Tony Enchelmaier

Young Warrior Facilitator, Awakening the Warrior Within Facilitator, Mentor
Program Leader, Breathwork and Sound Healing

After a suicide attempt at 14, losing his leg at 33 and his 27 year relationship at 45, his life experience and continued dedication to growth during all of these times have led him to have a unique gift in supporting others through his mentoring.
He is a father of 3 children and lover of life, it’s trials and tribulations.
His motto is to ‘lean into uncomfortableness and surrender into integrity”
Tony is also a Common Ground Lead Facilitator with Men’s Wellbeing
Rhonda Ransford

Rhonda’s wealth of experience spans over six decades!

Rhonda was born in Germany and adopted by American parents as a baby. She’s lived a colourful life and came to Australia around the age of 30 years.

After completing the Masters in Conscious Leadership, Rhonda decided to forego the completion of a PhD and focus on assisting others to integrate the incredible changes she has experienced since deciding to embark upon deep inner work.