If you’re a woman who is ready to design your business and your life, so it supports your family to thrive AND positively impacts humanity and the planet, perhaps this is your sign!

I’m Kirsty. I’ve been working with women like you since 2006. Here’s a snapshot of Me …

I was an army intelligence officer. I joined the army in 1994 and left in 2002, after a nervous breakdown / spiritual awakening at 27 years old.

I studied herbal medicine, nutrition, naturopathy, and then I studied vibrational and energy medicines.

I learned about emotional health when my husband came home from Iraq, having had an NDE / ‘spiritual awakening’ at 33.

After that, together we embarked upon two solid years of coach and speaker training, and NLP master coaching.

I started running workshops for women in 2009, and didn’t really stop until the world stopped in 2020.

I believe in natural health. And when I say I believe in something I give my all to it. I have no pharmaceuticals in my home. People are always surprised when they ask me if I have a Panadol and I say “No, but I have peppermint and lavender oil”.

I’ve also been a homeschooling mum for nine years.

I wanted to raise my daughters to believe they can do whatever they want with their lives, so I did that by modelling it first.

When I’ve wanted to create something new in my life, I’ve found the tools to make it happen, and I’ve trusted and backed myself so it happens.

I’ve created a life that supports me to live my dreams, and I’m devoted to continuing this life, as well as supporting my daughters to live their dreams too.

I don’t just have training. I have lived experience.

And my lived experience has created holistic results across the entirety of my life.

I live The Beauty Way. Embodied. Unapologetically expressed.

I will provide you with the tools, enhance your self belief and confidence, and champion you to do the same, so you can take Your Magnificent Life to the next level and receive your abundant birthright as a result.

Because I’m not special. I am ordinarily extraordinary. Like You.

Your love for your family is your driving force.

And it’s your superpower!

Don’t ever doubt that. In loving and devoting yourself to the wellbeing of those you love, you’ve offered a powerful gift to our planet. Your role as a Mother is honoured, revered and respected. 

Present, content, embodied and nourished Mothers are changing the world! 

And we are starting to remember that we can indeed have it all. 

So, thank you for being here. Thank you for wanting to connect with me. I know I will offer something that resonates with you, beautiful woman.