I Help You Accept Your Self as a Powerful Creator! 

As an army intelligence officer, it was my job to analyse the ‘enemy’s’ plan, which guided the friendly forces’ plan. It confirmed a belief that my actions were determined by what was going on around me.

As my training as a natural therapist evolved, I learned that the ancient Vedas taught us centuries ago that YOU are the product of your environment. Your physical body is the representation of the level of harmony that exists within and between ALL your bodies – physical, emotional, spiritual/causal.

My experience has encompassed both ends of the spectrum, so I now embody the truth that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.

Both experiences were necessary for me, personally to embody the truth that I Am a Powerful Creator.

In order to live this way, you must take responsibility for all aspects of your being and experience, which can be challenging.

But, it is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself because, as you do, more and more of the richness of life opens itself to you!

Business Lifestyle Coaching

When I sought to work with Kirsty I had hit a plateau in my business. I knew that if I wanted to shift up my business I needed to create some massive change in myself. I now have clarity and insight into my vision and purpose for my business, and personally, it has helped me peel back the layers, which enables me to create the definition of myself … as a mum, as a business woman … and find my own feet in the world, free of expectation.

I’ve found for myself what is working best and things are flowing. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I’m not constantly battling with my perfectionistic self. I’ve seen growth in my business. I feel lighter and happier in general, content, comfortable, and amazed at how I am as a human.

That is the biggest gift I’ve gained from all of this – to shine the light inwards and uncover it all. For that experience I’m truly grateful. I was dimming my light, but no more. So much gratitude for the gift, the mentoring, the guidance that Kirsty provided. I’m worth the happiness and success that I define and create.

Invest in yourself. You won’t regret it. 

Michelle, Brisbane

Kirsty helped me realise that the outside world, therefore my business and all other areas of my life, is a manifestation of my internal world.

My outside world looked manic, crazy, out of control. It was actually how I was on the inside.

I learned that I had to stop fighting for everyone else, and start fighting for me, and become my biggest advocate. It wasn’t easy, it felt painful and uncomfortable at times, but Kirsty will walk next to you every step of the way, whilst you do the work. There’s no magic pill.

If you decide to work with Kirsty your life will change. I guarantee it.

Kristy, Gold Coast

Thank you for teaching me to relax …

Last week I resigned from my permanent position to work closer to my children, faced my fear of financial instability, and accepted uncertainty.

I interviewed for my dream job, as my authentic self and decided it was great if they wanted me, but okay if they didn’t because I know my value. I was offered that job today!

It’s my best way to achieve my purpose of leaving this world a better place and be close to my children. I put time with my boys first now, work normal hours and still reap rewards.

I am so grateful for meeting you. Thank you!

Chantal, Brisbane

Wellbeing Coaching

I was having extreme temperature fluctuations in my body, feeling freezing cold and then overpowering hot flushes which affected my sleep greatly, as well as my emotional well-being and my energy levels. I was feeling completely depleted and out of balance and finding it difficult to navigate my life.

Working with Kirsty is always so empowering for me and I find her approach completely holistic. I have had several health consultations in my life from various practitioners and there always seemed to be one aspect missed by them all, so to have all the areas covered by one practitioner is unique and wonderful.

I especially liked the simplicity in her approach, the last thing I needed was lots of changes as I was already feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I am so absolutely grateful and excited that after one bottle of herbal tincture and a couple of emotional support sessions – my symptoms are completely gone. I am sleeping well and have more energy, clarity of thinking and also anxious feelings that were uncharacteristic for me are gone. I have also added some tissue salts, recommended by Kirsty to my routine and feel they are also making a significant difference.

I highly recommend Kirsty for any health and well-being support that you may need.

Annabel, Traralgon

When I met Kirsty I was struggling; only I didn’t know it, which is the worst kind of struggle. To look on the outside like you “have it all together” but to really be falling, slipping, grasping for connection and meaning in your life.

I was only playing at being happy because I thought happiness came from people and things outside myself.

I didn’t want to look internally, I thought the journey within was too scary and a fool’s errand. Kirsty had the bravery to challenge that belief, the knowledge to walk with me along the path and the loving heart to light the way. 

After working with Kirsty, I now look to myself for my happiness, strength and worth.

I know now it is my decision and mine alone to be who I want to be.

Claudia, Sydney

Coming back from anxiety and depression, not knowing who I was or what I wanted to do, or whether life was worth living … it’s been some of my darkest days, but this has been some of the best work I’ve ever done.

I’ve empowered myself, and connected back in with who I am. The relationships I have now are some of the most valuable and connected relationships I have ever had. It’s given me the ability to transfer that into my work and make what I do fulfilling.

I can’t recommend it enough. It’s scary to do this work, but if you can walk through the darkness and find the light on the other side, it’s more beautiful than you could ever imagine. I’m so blessed to have worked with Kirsty (and James) and I’m so glad I did.

I say, choose you!

Catriona, Sunshine Coast