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I have spent much of the year feeling unsettled and unsure of what the best direction is for myself and my family. After spending 3 months travelling with my husband and our 4 children last year I feel a bit lost and like “normal” life is so flawed and love the idea of something different. But I’m not sure if I’m feeling like this because I need to change things up and move us all on to a different path or if the problem is actually with my attitude and needing to come to a place of loving and accepting exactly where I am right now. While we were travelling I was able to truly live every day in a place of absolute joy and gratitude and feeling so completely blessed and present and in the moment and have REALLY struggled to feel the same way and be in that same mindset since our return. My oldest son also completed primary school this year and so our family starts on a new chapter in our journey as he starts high school and I have found this really difficult also. I really seem to struggle with the ending of one thing and the beginning of something new. I don’t want to repress anything I’m feeling but find it difficult to know what the balance should be between allowing myself to feel whatever sadness or grief I feel about the ending and not getting stuck in that place. I feel that time is such a precious thing and goes by so fast and don’t want to waste a second and want to make the most of and enjoy it all but think sometimes having that belief running through my mind all the time just puts extra pressure on myself and I become almost paralysed by it