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    Thanks for sending the information through. Meg is such an inspiration- really loved listening to the interview.
    The comments in the email around asking for help and the position of where the question is coming from is very insightful. I’ve lived with vision impairment for the past 25 years and am often in situations of needing to ask for help and also been on the flipside of helping me elderly father who has mobility issues. In the past I would get annoyed with my father for not asking yet if I volunteered help he would accept. Yet I’ve been the same myself accepted help if offered yet reluctant to ask. I’m getting better but still have elements where I feel I am not enough!
    Although, in general I experience more flow in getting help these days. New year’s eve I went out somewhere I haven’t been before which meant I caught 3 buses then a 2 km walk. There was no proper footpath, just a barricade of separation from the traffic so not overly pedestrian friendly. I hadn’t been walking long when I saw someone walking towards me. As he got closer it was an old work colleague who had pulled up to give me a lift to the party. Then another old colleague gave me a lift home even though I live north west of Brisbane and he is on the Southside. I felt so supported and grateful for receiving the support.

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    Maureen, that is so awesome. You are constantly showing yourself how supported you are. Hugs <3

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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