You as an individual have needs specific to where you currently are in life. This may to in the process of going from good to great, or dealing with trauma or depression that has plague you for a long time.

Our individual programs provide a safe, yet challenging, structured framework for you to explore your inner world like never before and forge a new way of BEing. We assist you become the Master of your Soul, or put another way, Author of your Own Ship.

Masters In Harmonic Leadership program
Masters In Harmonic Leadership

Drawing on wisdom as diverse as archetypal psychology, emotional literacy, ancient wisdom from the west, east and first nations peoples, Masters in Harmonic Leadership 12 month program assists you become the leader of Harmonic and Pure change in your chosen family, community, organisation or field.

Elysium Men’s Bush Program
Elysium: Men’s Bush Program

A four day Mens bush experience forged to take people on a personal journey into their underworld. So they can identify, own and understand the fight within. To heal and transcend it thereby enabling integration of the fight’s lesson granting passage to the cherished Elysian Fields.

Embodying the Sacred Women’s Program
Embodying the Sacred: Women’s Program

Embodying The Sacred is a three day journey within to reconnect with the true leader, the Queen, of your realm.

Individual WellBEing Mentoring

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment for your Whole Body.

Young Warrior Youth Leadership Project
Young Warrior Youth Leadership Project

A Challenging, emotionally educating experience that will benefit the whole family, the Young Warrior Leadership Project is designed to assist young people develop an understanding of personal capabilities and equip them with skills to grow into balanced, loving humans.

Phoenix Rising program
Phoenix Rising

Learn How to Rise from the Chaos and Live a Life of Harmony