Harmonic Leadership

4 Month On-Line Program

Forging Your Framework For Leading In A New Age

Program Objective

Create the framework of your new way of Harmonic Leading.

Program Synopsis

A deep inner dive into what makes you you, how you think, paradigms you’ve constructed to operate as a person and as a leader; then build a framework for conscious engagement of your environment rather than being engaged by it. This program is mentally revolutionary to enable you to develop a new level of self ownership as a leader. Each stage of Harmonic Leadership will be explored and broken down to allow for you to create the required mindset shifts as well as skills and practices to lead from this new place. Psychology of self and leadership will initially be explored before entering into group dynamics and task orientation to create a harmonic effect on, in and with your environment. The individual mentoring allows you the one on onesupport to integrate the material into your daily life.

Thoughts About The Work

“James’ mentoring and leadership has guided me immensely throughout my transition from being a professional sportsperson to a leader in my community. His wonderful gift of active listening and compassionate empathy has had a tremendous impact on me and my family’s journey and I highly recommend all young men adopt one of James’ mentoring initiatives to their daily lives.”

Mick Bani, Former North Queensland Cowboys NRL Player

Program Outline

The 4 month course consists of:

  • Weekly one on one mentoring;
  • Weekly lessons for focused implementation of key concepts;
  • 11 x 2hr on-line group workshops; and
  • Weekly thought provoking short videos to keep your leadership mind exploring it’s limits.

Program Dates

23rd November 2021 – 25th March 2022

Program Investment

$3997 (Australian)

Online Workshop Outline

Each Workshop webinar will be an interactive 2 hour long session allowing for any questions to be addressed. They are conducted on zoom and recorded for you to have as reference material.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Harmonic Leadership. Discusses the rise of harmony as a necessary societal and leadership construct; outlines harmonic leadership and key concepts for a leaders

Workshop 2: Psychology of the Leaders Mind. Looks at the psychology 101 of interplay of mind, body and emotions. Why we and those whom we lead do the thing we do.

Workshop 3: Beyond Resilience. Resilience requires an adversary and sculpts an adversarial leadership mindset. Looking into the emotional and psychological paradigm of resilience opens the door to the harmonic viewpoint.

Workshop 4: Emotional Intimacy: The Essence of Connection. Pulls apart emotions in the individual and group. This practically orientated workshop provides understanding and practical tools to master, not control, emotions leading to the development of emotional intimacy.

Workshop 5: Leaders Motivation. Explores the mental position of the leader, role of attachments, judgement and other disruptive mental constructs to purify ones outlook to the team and situation.

Workshop 6: Principle and Values Centred Roadmap. Develop a decision making matrix allowing for living and leading in alignment of who you are; and crafting your team to align.

Workshop 7: Breeding Proactivity. Training ourselves and team to utilise critical thinking and proactive action in the pursuit of common goal.

Workshop 8: Fostering Trust. A deep dive into trust, ourselves and our team. How to construct and engender trust in self first and flowing from that, into our team.

Workshop 9: Inspiring Through Narratives. How to weave what you do and stand for into a narrative that gets buy in, focuses the teams energy and inspires relationships with those whom you serve.

Workshop 10: Networked Approach. Maximising intention and attention through a understanding how to utilise networks within your team and environment.

Workshop 11: Walking Harmony Into The Future. Brings the course to a completion drawing everything together.

Program Participants

The course is limited to Six participants to ensure maximum individual attention.

The program caters for leaders at all levels. The concepts provided during the course exhibit degrees of depth for different levels of experience. The individual mentoring allows for each personal circumstances to be directly addressed.

Your Next Step

To apply or book a time to talk with the Program Lead, James Greenshields, click the button below.

“How do you describe what James does? We engaged James to facilitate a leadership conference for our team and we couldn’t have anticipated the size of the impact he would have on us! James spent three days working intensively with our team. He inspired us, motivated us and pushed us to step outside our comfort zone. James was completely engaged making sure that the conference was a success He took the time to learn about our business and made sure that the content was relevant to us and our team. Following our conference I have had multiple members of  our team say to me that not only did our conference make them better business leaders but that it has made a change in their life. There is no way I could have anticipated the impact James would have on our team however I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to have him at our conference.”

Steve Davis, Silvershop Australia

James is an outstanding speaker who has seeded an enduring pillar of discussion within a group. His workshop rated as the most valuable session by the participants at the Regional Seminar. Thank you.

Phil Strap, St John Ambulance, WA

Working with James has genuinely changed my life and my view on who is leader is and what they can do. If you know you are not quite fulfilling your complete potential, or just know that there’s something inside you need to get out and share your brilliance with the world, this is the man to help you.

Tim Keefe, Former Australian Army Officer and CEO of Actrua Performance Culture Training And Development