Young Warrior Youth Leadership Project

At Emergent Leaders Foundation we believe that the development of, and connection to, one’s True Self is the essence of building inner Personal Strength.

The Young Warrior Project takes its lead from traditional and indigenous cultures, in which an initiation process marks the transition from child to adult. In these cultures it is the well-balanced, experienced elders who bring their experience into the training of the younger generation.

It is the warrior archetype within us that is most misunderstood and most inappropriately used, which can cause pain in the family home, the workplace and the playground.
  • With the use of this archetype, our aim is to assist participants re-member:
  • How to connect with its energy constructively, and not be ‘abused’ by it
  • How to be appropriately assertive and confident, and how to know your own boundaries
  • How to ensure you feel heard in any environment, without a constant need for external validation
  • How to act from emotion, not in it.
  • How to recognise the cause of a problem, so it can be appropriately addressed, rather than just ‘band-aiding’ symptoms
Young Warrior Youth Leadership Project

All activities on the camp are tailored to assist young people to develop:


in one’s own abilities, and in social interaction


to lead oneself to take right action, and naturally influence others because of an ability to know oneself


awareness and ability to appropriately recognise and express all emotions


respect all members of a team, and learn ‘followership’ as a key aspect of strong leadership



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