To fulfil Emergent Leaders Foundation Mission, we offer a wide variety of programs for Individuals, Families and Communities or Organisations.

To ensure program effectiveness and satisfaction our team engage with participants before hand to establish your objectives, intentions and needs.

At the heart of each program, whether for an individual or community, lies a deep ‘realness’ that allows for facilitators, mentors and participants to really connect in a meaningful way


You as an individual have needs specific to your life’s circumstances. You may be in the process of going from good to great, or dealing with trauma or depression that has plagued you for a long time.

Our individual programs provide a safe, yet challenging, structured framework for you to explore your inner world like never before and forge a new way of BEing. We assist you become the Master of your Soul or, put another way, the Author of your Own Ship.



The family is the basic building block of all communities and the foundation stone of young people’s development. Emergent Leaders Foundation (ELF) can sculpt an inclusive program for all members of the family wanting to develop themselves.

Family programs can include tailored work for both the parents and children. Following on from this work, ELF can assist in developing and roll-out of community based action plans for families to engage in harmonic change within their community of choice.

For further information about how ELF can assist you and your family, contact us to organise a chat.



Every issue on the planet can be solved at a community level within a global context.

So whether you’re a school, social community or organisation Emergent Leaders Foundation can tailor our leadership programs to suit.

The underpinning leadership philosophy has been developed by our co-founder James Greenshields and is known as Harmonic Leadership.

Harmonic Leadership encompasses three dimensions, Purify Self, Unify Team and Amplify Effect. Our programs assist your community members to be living examples of Harmonic Leadership.

Each community is different so the first step is for a discussion to mutually identify your specific needs. From there we can do everything from a one-off engagement such as keynote presentations, through to a multi-tiered program of cultural change. We can also foster and mentor personal leadership development, at all levels of an organisation, to empower you with the skills, knowledge and frameworks to organically be the creators of your own Harmonic Change.

Our engineering design and project management firm recently invited James to speak at a training event. James shared some of his experiences, and the journey of personal discovery that he has been on, relating that experience to areas of work and life where our management team would like to improve.

James’ presentation was very different to other motivational or training presentations, and was remarkably well received. I highly recommend others to look into Harmonic Leadership – it will be the source of much positive change in our business, and personal relationships.

Matthew Sanderson, Melbourne Project Manager and Senior Consultant | Lambert and Rehbein
“We engaged James to facilitate a leadership conference for our team and we couldn’t have anticipated the size of the impact he would have on us! James spent three days working intensively with our team. He inspired us, motivated us and pushed us to step outside our comfort zone. James was completely engaged making sure that the conference was a success He took the time to learn about our business and made sure that the content was relevant to us and our team. Following our conference, I have had multiple members of our team say to me that not only did our conference make them better business leaders but that it has made a change in their life. There is no way I could have anticipated the impact James would have on our team however I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to have him at our conference.”
Steve Davis, General Manager | Silvershops Australia
“Been a silent watcher of your work for a while now. All my life I’ve done what I was told, done what was expected of me, as a son, a husband and as an employee. After a spell in hospital last week you contemplate where you are in life. I’ve been working 60-70 hours a week for the past 20 years +. I think the decline in my health was my body telling me enough is enough.

After reading and watching some of your posts, it gave me the confidence to take a new direction in life. I just wanted to thank you for being you and showing people that there is more to life than the shit we think is so important, when in fact living is the only thing that is important. Being close to my family is my job for now and down the track I will return to employment, but for now, I’m enjoying this direction in my life. Thanks”