We are on the planet for a greater reason than most of us realise. This latent potential comes from a non-alignment within resulting in:

  • A sense of inner hollowness
  • Frustration at life that can spill over onto those we love, or
  • A yearning for something more like an unsatisfied appetite,

To name just a few.

The clock is ticking, so what are you going to do?

Are you going to do more of the same and hope that things will change. That’s Einstein’s definition of insanity, and not only that, how’s that gone for you so far?

Or are you willing to try something different?

Are you willing meet all the elements of yourself, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?

Are you willing to take the greatest journey of all time, said by the Masters of old to be the Magnum Opus, or Great Work. The inner journey to find out who you really are; what you truly want and then how you can be of the greatest service.

What Is The Four Days All About?

In essence Awakening The Warrior Within is one of the most powerful personal leadership programs you’ll find. It calls you to own your shit, identify and release that which is no longer serving you, understand and embrace your emotional side to walk through a gateway into a spiritual realm of your own making.

No one experience is the same, and yours will be unique.

Men of all walks of life have been transformed by this campfire. Veterans to electricians, AFL stars to actors, policemen to ex-drug addicts, men who were lost to men who simply wanted to take themselves to the next level in life. This campfire has demonstrated we are all just men with a desire to better ourselves and that is exactly what Awakening The Warrior Within assist you to do.

We are all Veterans of something; the question is do you let the past define you or launch you forward?

Your inner journey will be aided by knowledge from very diverse disciplines such as archetypal psychology, emotional literacy, spiritual and ancient traditions, but most importantly, the bush.

Day One teaches you about yourself, why you’ve been doing the things you do and how you’ve been limiting yourself.

Day Two we explore your definition of BEing a man, understanding and owning the great honour and power that comes with that whilst if you’re ready, opening up to different elements of yourself you may never have known existed.

Day Three is unique. This is a day of massive ownership and liberation when we go head to head with your inner most demons. We show you how to do battle and transcend the fight whilst you develop a decision making matrix to enable you to remain aligned as a person when living your life.

Day Four is all about setting up the structures to give you clarity on what next and what you want to do from here.

For us to give you any more would not be correct due to every program running slightly differently because of a different bunch of men. If you commit to this, you can be assured to have the support to go as deep and fast/slow as you need.

What You Can Expect:

  • A safe space to simply be you
  • For your shit to be called in a space of complete acceptance of you.
  • Form a new bunch of mates. We only take a maximum of 8 men around the fire to ensure the individual experience is maximised.
  • Blow your mind as you learn all about yourself in a real, practical way
  • Be given a suite of tools to use in life.

What We Ask Of You:

  • To commit completely to yourself
  • To turn up, really turn up, warts and all, and
  • To be open to receiving support.

This is a real, raw experience in the presence of men who’ve been there and done that. I myself have seen war, Post Traumatic Stress, Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Fatherhood, Love, Joy, Peace, Exhilaration and my past no longer defines who I am. I will not ask anything of you I personally haven’t done myself, but I cannot: no: Will not walk the path for you. It’s your path, and I’m simply here to help you walk it in the best possible way you can.

I’ve been called a Bearded Sharman, a Sage, a life saver amongst other things. I’m none of these. You will be the one who does the work. You will be the one who give yourself the breakthroughs. All you have to do is commit.

Your Investment:

Your investment includes:

  • All meals
  • The four day bush experience
  • Post camp catch up and integration package

The value of the program is $2500. If you pay upfront, we assist you with a discount to $2297.  If you need time to pay it off, take to us and a payment plan can be arranged.

As the Resilient Leaders Foundation is a National Charity with DGR 1 Status, and your investment goes towards the Young Warrior Youth Leadership Project, your contribution is tax deductible.

The Next Step:

All participants are interviewed by the me, James, prior to registration to ensure the program can fit your needs.

So if you are ready to transform your life, to take yourself to the next level, contact us and we can have a chat.

Upcoming Programs:

21st – 24th Jul 2020 – Northern Rivers, NSW