Phoenix Rising

Learn How to Rise from Chaos and Live a Life of Harmony


We created Phoenix Rising as an online retreat to provide you with powerful teachings for transformational times. It was conducted at new year 2020, but you know you can take reflective time for yourself at any time!

In this course you’ll find teachings, conversations and tools for embodiment and balance

The course includes five days of recorded webinars, reflective and practical activities and loads of bonus material. 

The best part is that when you join this course, you can access the material at any time, forever. So there is no pressure – you can participate at at time that suits you. That’s the beauty of the material we present – it’s not time constricted.

This ‘retreat’ includes live videos, guided meditation downloads, audio downloads, worksheets, physical exercises for embodiment and an online supportive community. 

There are also bonus materials that can help you dive deeper if you choose, and learn more from our facilitators.

Join us and begin to feel more empowered and optimistic and confident to walk forward with strength in yourself and your world.

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Our five webinars cover …


Landing Powerfully in the Present

Leading Yourself Into The Future

With Confidence and Clarity

Getting Into Flow

Being On Purpose 

And Em-Bodied

Living Your Vision

In Each Now

Why ‘Phoenix Rising?’

In classical mythology, a phoenix was a unique bird, living for centuries in the desert, after which time burning itself and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.
The mythical phoenix has been incorporated into many religions, signifying eternal life, destruction, creation and fresh beginnings.

The phoenix symbolises renewal, regeneration and rebirth.

In Egyptian, Greek, and Arab philosophy when a phoenix feels its time is at end, it consciously builds a beautiful nest and allows itself to be consumed by the flames. From the ashes, a new phoenix arises, young and powerful.

This five part online retreat includes …

Five days of video, audio and worksheet content

Webinars recorded live

Downloadable audio content and meditations so you can listen anytime

A members’ area where all content will be stored for you to access forever

Plus SO MANY Bonus Materials!:

– ‘Deep Acceptance’, a round table video discussion

– ‘Time, and How to Make it Your Friend’, video presentation

– ‘Emotional Release Technique’ audio

– ‘The Quadrants of Importance’ video presentation

– ‘Emotional Triggers’ video presentation

– ‘Getting Clear on Direction’ video presentation

– ‘Principles and Values’ video presentation

– ‘Leaders Hold Space’ video presentation

The Quick Start Guide to Perfect Health

– Guided meditation ‘Creating Your Health Blueprint’,

– A short e-copy of ‘A Man’s Guide – Navigating the Menstrual Mood Swing’ by Megan Kurts-Forrester

Your Guides On This Five Day Journey

Kirsty and James Greenshields.  Thought Leaders, Way Showers and Co-founders of Resilient Leaders Foundation. Read more about them here.

Meghan Kurts-Forrester.  CEO and Founder of EVOHE Skincare, Author of  ‘A Man’s Guide – Navigating The Menstrual Mood Swing’, Self-Care Revolutionary. Find out more here.

Annabel Meyer.  Founder of Gateway To Healing, Reiki Master and Teacher, Energy and Qi Gong Practitioner, Facilitator of Healing and Women’s Work. Find out more here.

More Detail …

Day One. Reflections. 

120 min Video – Kirsty and James, “Clearing The Clutter. Making Space for ‘The New'”

Day Two. Leading Yourself

120 min Video – Exploring Challenges and Realigning to Harmony. Take Home Exercise, ‘Past Lessons Learned’

Day Three. Getting Into Flow

60 min Video – Kirsty and James, Living Balance and Harmony in Relationships … Guided Visualisation and practical revitalisation exercise with Meghan – ‘The Toilet Cubicle Meditation’! … 40 min Audio – Megan and James, Creating and Sustaining  A Harmonic Business Environment

Day Four. Purpose And Em-Body-ment

Discussion and practical exercises with Kirsty and Annabel. Take home practical grounding and embodiment exercises

Day Five. Living Your Vision

Live Video with Kirsty and James – “Visioning for The New and Navigating The Future”. Take Home activity ‘Creating Clarity of Vision’

Pay what you can to access all course content  

From Kirsty and James …

We can see so much happening in the world at the moment, that is causing feelings of unbalance and chaos within so many. The way for us to create a sense of peace and calm is to go inwards and reflect upon ourselves as the generator, as the Source.

When we do this we begin to create a new reality for ourselves, and for those we love.

We realise we are so much more powerful than we thought we were, when we begin to notice the little changes that happen, just because we’ve connected to our centre.

A decision to do this course is a decision to take time to reflect upon what we have already created, and consciously decide what we want from now on.

It’s a time for expressing gratitude for the truth that we ARE the generator, the Source.

And when we connect with others who also know this, our faith and power expands!

The videos were recorded live with participants who were able to join at the scheduled times. You can watch at anytime.

And the exciting part for us was that some of our dearest friends, who have also been doing the work for many years, were also able to join us as your guides. We know you will love what they have to share.

We look forward to hearing about your experience with this course.

Much Love and Big Hugs,

Kirsty and James