Women money and intimacy book
Women Money and Intimacy – How To Create Real Wealth In Your Life


A memoir, written by Kirsty Greenshields, inspired by the moment her husband was hit by a bomb …. and survived, whilst serving with the Australian Army Iraq. Kirsty’s exploration of the question “What was the purpose of this event for me, in my life?” led her down a path of discovery and healing, helping her heal a deep wound of abandonment by the masculine, which had resulted in an inability to receive the richness of her creations in life.

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Living Resilient Relationships – How To Live in Harmony


Kirsty and James Greenshields wrote this ebook as a response to many questions about simple ways to create harmony within our family units. This book provides practical, real-life examples and stories that will help you:

  • Learn to create greater harmony in ALL your relationships
  • Understand why you keep going over the ‘same old stuff’ and how to change it
  • Gain practical tools to create greater intimacy and self-acceptance
7 Steps To Clarifying Your Direction in Life


How we live determines how we die – happy or sad. To live consciously in line with your heart’s desires is to be on a journey of happiness, which doesn’t matter when it ends, because it is complete in any moment.

James Greenshields designed this workbook, now available as an e-book, to be straight to the point and assist you get clear on what you want and align yourself to it’s achievement. The more reflection you provide the activities the clearer your responses will be

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