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Visions Guide And Excite:

Visions provide a source of direction in our lives. Developed correctly, they can unify and excite. 

A business without a vision ends in bankruptcy; A family without a Vision ends in Divorce; A person without a Vision ends in Depression. 

A friend of mine is running an event that will really help you get clear on where you’re heading. He’s got one hell of a backstory, and learnt from experience. The event is @BURN: Time To Rise. I recommend you check it out. 

You can get further information on the website:

Realness Builds Connection. Something we all crave is that connection with another person, be that intimate or just great friendship. 

Ask yourself, “Could I improve on my ability to connect with the ones I love the most?” If you answer honestly you may find that there is room for improvement. 

James Greenshields is a man who knows all about rebuilding that deep connection and assist others do just that. He’s coming to the Sunshine Coast (7th – 9th June) with a very powerful three day Personal Leadership Transformation event, @BURN: Time To Rise. I highly recommend you check it out and if it resonates get along. It is sure to have a large impact on your life.

You can get further information on the website: 

Paradigms Either Liberate Or Enslave Us.

Have you ever stopped yourself doing something simply because you didn’t BELIEVE you could do it? Have you stop yourself exploring part of you because of loyalty to others or the job?

These are very common situations to experience, BUT what happens if each time you did that, you put part of yourself to death?

That’s exactly what happens to our dreams. We will justify with a logical story as to why we can’t pursue them, but deep inside part of us mourns their loss.

What happens if there was another way?

What happens if you could be shown another path to achieve what you want in complete alignment with who you are?

Wouldn’t that be worth investing your time into?

James Greenshields is a friend of mine with a huge back story that puts every one of these previously stated beliefs to bed. He has been showing people how to live a life of fulfillment for over 10 years after having to dig himself out of a terrible place. And now he is bringing @BURN: Time To Rise, a three day powerful Personal Leadership Transformation Event to the Sunshine Coast over 7th– 9thJune.

I strongly recommend you check the event out and if you resonate, get yourself along to what are sure to be three huge days.

You can get further information on the website:

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